Our Services

Our Services

At the first meeting with psychologist, which lasts 1.5 hours, there is acquaintance, signing of information consent, filling of tests, formulation of client’s request and consultation goals. Thanks to the results of tests and other information gathered, psychologist sees general picture, can assess state of mental health and propose a plan of psychological aid.

During life, person experiences a number of difficult events. Some of them can be traumatic for psyche and have negative consequences for psychoemotional state. It is not always possible to independently understand cause-and-effect relationship between a certain event of the past and present symptoms, much less to overcome these symptoms by constructive methods. This is helped by a trauma therapist, who ecologically accompanies the client in the process of psychological trauma healing in order for a person to have a full life.

After the initial assessment, a session is scheduled. Meetings are held once per week (if necessary, frequency of sessions is adjusted). Face-to-face and online format is possible. Session with psychologist lasts 50 minutes. Client is an expert in his life, and psychologist is an expert in the field of mental health. Individual therapy is a process of cooperation, joint journey from point A (current situation of the client that disturbs) to point B (future that the client wants to have).

Every married couple goes through family crises from time to time. Their consequences are preservation of relations or rupture of family relations. Family psychologist will help to understand reasons of tension in the relationship, see the needs of each partner, teach effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and respond to the request of married couple who dare to seek help to improve well-being of all family members.

World of a child is radically different from the world of adults. In counseling, psychologist helps parents to be acquainted with the world of their child through games, special exercises and techniques. After all, a child cannot always express in words what is happening to him or her, and even more so cannot explain why. Moreover, the game is both – diagnostics of family system and therapy that gives an effective result in correcting the child’s behavior and improving his or her psychoemotional state.

Timely and high-quality diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders is the key to better treatment results in each separate case. And although ASD cannot be completely cured, there are good opportunities, providing close cooperation, including with a child psychologist, to help the child acquire necessary daily skills of life, social interaction and adapt to society.

With perinatal loss woman experiences a whole range of emotions and feelings. Support of a specialist during this period helps to cope more effectively with feelings, thoughts, behavior, get out of grieving and self-blaming state, as well as to achieve stable emotional state. Postpartum depression has completely different symptoms, but even here, timely diagnosis and psychotherapy are extremely important.

Conflict between one’s own values and sexual identity increases level of anxiety, leads to depression, alienation from other people. Especially if the scope of support is limited or absent. Psychologist, first, gives the necessary support, empathy, acceptance that the client needs. Moreover, secondly, applying therapeutic methods helps the client to go through the path of reconciliation within himself.

We live in a time when the number of stressors is growing exponentially. Perhaps this feeling exists partially because of digital technologies that are contributing to very rapid spread of information around the planet. Anxiety, phobias, and depressions are being diagnosed with increasing frequency. In order for mild symptoms not to turn into the form of serious disorders, it is necessary to consult a specialist in time. Psychologist will teach how to cope with anxious thoughts, emotions, will teach skills of stabilization, and self-regulation, will help to find the root cause of the problem and constructively solve it.

Addictions of any kind always bring misfortune not only for addicted person. Family members are also involved in the processes. Therefore, change in thinking and behavior is necessary for those who are in codependent relations. Addiction treatment is not a quick case. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth looking for a way to get rid of what takes away a lot of power, energy, health, true joy, material wealth, spoils atmosphere and relationship in the family and, unfortunately, often leads to fatal outcome.

Common values and worldviews are another reliable bridge of trust between a psychologist and a client. When two people speak the same language, there is more understanding, support, and empathy. Christian counselor integrates faith concerns into work with the client (for his client), which enhances the effect and outcome of counseling.

Modern technologies allow providing psychological assistance, in disregard of geographical distance. Today, anyone can get services of a psychologist being anywhere in the world if there is Internet connection. Use of professional platforms for online counseling ensures confidentiality in the process of meeting of the client and psychologist.

Discussing life events, difficulties, challenges in a group format gives participants many advantages: expands perspectives and options of problem solving, improves communication skills and unconditional acceptance of others, helps to reflect their own patterns of behavior and adjust them if necessary, etc.. Psychologist is a moderator and group process guide. In some cases, group counseling helps the client to move to a new level of awareness and achieve significant results in the process of psychotherapy.

Today’s world is impossible to imagine without self-education and development. International Institute of Postgraduate Education regularly conducts educational events of various formats, both for students of the institute and for clients. Follow the announcements on the website and on social networks.

We offer free psychological counseling for veterans of their families by psychologists of 2-3 categories.

The Open Doors Center accepts payments through all major credit cards or bank transfers. For further information regarding payment options, please contact our center directly:
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Cost of services:​​

Первинна оцінка (90 хв) Ціна за 1 консультацію
Психолог І категорії 1800 грн.
Психолог ІІ категорії 1500 грн.
Психолог ІIІ категорії 1200 грн.
Психолог Преміум 6000 грн.+600 грн.*
Соціальний пакет ** 50% від вартості консультації
Індивідуальна терапія (50 хв) Ціна за 1 консультацію Ціна за 3 консультації Ціна за 5 консультацій
Строк дії 4 тижні 6 тижнів
Психолог І категорії 1200 грн3 450 грн
(економія: 150 грн)
5 500 грн
(економія: 500 грн)
Психолог ІІ категорії 1000 грн. 2 900 грн
(економія: 100 грн)
4 700 грн
(економія: 300 грн)
Психолог ІІІ категорії 800 грн. 2 325 грн.
(економія: 75 грн)
3 750 грн.
(економія: 250 грн.)
Психолог Преміум 4000 грн +400 грн*
Соціальний пакет ** 50% від вартості консультації
Сімейна терапія (90 хв) Ціна за 1 консультацію Ціна за 3 консультації Ціна за 5 консультацій
Строк дії 4 тижні 6 тижнів
Психолог І категорії 1 800 грн5 175 грн
(економія: 225 грн)
8 250 грн
(економія: 750 грн)
Психолог ІІ категорії 1 500 грн. 4 365 грн
(економія: 135 грн)
7 050 грн
(економія: 450 грн)
Психолог ІІІ категорії 1200 грн. 3 475 грн.
(економія: 125 грн)
5 625 грн.
(економія: 375 грн.)
Психолог Преміум 6000 грн +600 грн*
Групове консультування (90 хв)Ціна за 1 консультацію
Психолог І категорії 500 грн
Психолог ІІ категорії 200 грн
Психолог ІIІ категорії 200 грн
Психолог Преміум 800 грн + 50 грн *